My immediate response to Baba Brinkman’s “Performance Feedback Revision” (not even spellchecked)

I received this embedded. I submit it to you embedded (but just in case, ). I do not know/care how many views it’s received. I do not know if a YouTube commenter has already responded there the way I’m about to respond here. We (the hypothetical commenter and I) are temporally and geographically dislocated, and tapping my keys here with you — instead of there to digest his/her/its feedback — is somehow more exciting. Here. Now. I’m keeping in spirit.

  1. Who did he sample? Or was that an original loop?
  2. Revision is synthesis. A new entity emerging from a tweak to the old. Create or die.
  3. Importantly, Add value, Even if it’s only in your small pocket of the cosmos. Even if it’s only your mind. Parroting is feedback, but it’s of no use to Performer or Reviser. So platinum props to Baba Brinkman. Radio intentionally.

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