Turning clip art into custom icons (via the MS Office Blog)

Did you know PowerPoint includes vector clip art? That’s right. Once you have a vector item in your working area, you can ungroup, manipulate, and regroup to your brand. Great trick.

2 thoughts on “Turning clip art into custom icons (via the MS Office Blog)

  1. javierw

    Cool. Just to share, you can also get other types of professional clip arts or logo templates, there are many ways to do so. I recently got some professional logo templates from http://www.templatedesignworkshop.com and the logo design looked amazing. Plus they have an extensive clip art gallery as well. The process was fast and easy. Highly recommended. Anyway thanks for posting this!

  2. Daniel Patton

    Thanks javierw. Your link looks like a useful option for those looking to outsource logo design on a budget.


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