On the Passing of Steve Jobs

Apple Logo with Steve Jobs silhouette

Image by Lightsurgery via Flickr

I worry that with his passing too many people will want to turn him into some sort of mythical creature capable of no wrong. I suppose that beats worrying that no one will.

Ultimately, the Steve Jobs story will be a complex and insightful one — recounted in books and movies.

Songs maybe.

Some will get it right and some will get it wrong. That an ever-increasing number of us will consume this testimony on a device sprung from his vision and fashioned from his drive, is nothing short of amazing.

For circumstances, say, of my professional positioning, I’ve never owned a Mac, though I did use one at a consulting job for a few months. All told, I’ve bought 3 iPods (okay I won one), 1 iTouch, and — as of 3 short weeks ago — a single and singular, shiny iPad2. That particular device will change a man.

Is the passing of Steve Jobs a sad event? Well, maybe. I didn’t know him personally. I do know he didn’t string together too many days in a row living as if they weren’t his last. The man put “personal” back in personal computer. Not a bad run.

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