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How (not) to present Social Enterprise Concepts to your Boss

Your company is stuck in old ways of thinking—old tools, old processes, old top-down control, etc. You want to introduce social enterprise concepts to help your company better collaborate internally and communicate with its customers. You see the changes from the consumer web coming into the business realm and you know you can help your company stay relevant in this new world. Maybe you’ve even put some time on the calendar to make your case. But where to begin?

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This Writer’s 2012 New Years Blogging Resolutions

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I’ve begun to feel a convergence lately—of tools and motivation, of desire and actual potentials toward reality, of wherewithal and professional and personal need, of hubris and humility. I ain’t all that good at this social media thing—and I need to be. And so I’ve determined to more directly invoke my editorial calendar and focus on the task at hand: writing productivity. Continue reading

Social Business

@dhinchcliffe on “The Path to Co-Creating a Social Business: The Early Adoption Phase”

I love this piece by Dion Hinchcliffe. He’s required reading. The descriptions of each strategy are concise, authoritative, and linked. I do not see here, though, a concept I’ve been thinking a lot about lately: specifically the use of internal social efforts as a breeding ground for external habits. I believe that by growing a social culture internally, you can prepare your employees to participate more effectively in the social world on behalf of your company — thus extending social R&D, marketing, sales, service, and general brand management into the social space. Continue reading

Social Selling

Rick Mathieson 2-parter SAP interim CMO Jonathan Becher on poor CMO Twitter repping, “Death of Digital”, and solomo strategy


Audio capture’s a bit choppy and doesn’t mention Becher’s blog ( for better or worse or better. Good content, though, about a huge enterprise player’s efforts to stay relevant in a dynamic marketspace.

Oracle WebCenter Focuses on the Complete Customer Experience

…Oracle is committed to helping customers deliver engaging experiences to their customers. Whether that’s Internal experiences that span Enterprise Applications, Intranets and Team spaces (enterprise collaboration), or External customer experiences, you can do it with Oracle WebCenter.

Looks like an integrated suite of social marketing, intenal collaboration, and back-end integration,

Add to (Chatter), SAP (Streamwork), and Epicor’s as-yet-unnamed social solution.