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Pamela Dominguez on “Components of High-Quality Blog Posts” via Six Revisions #blogging

Today, almost everyone wants to share his or her thoughts on the web. And
with so many easy ways of blogging brought to us by services like Posterous and Tumblr, why not do it,

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t go around ranting uncontrollably about random
stuff on the web. If we really want to share something interesting with the
community of our choice, we should, at the minimum, project professionalism and
trustworthiness and emphasize accuracy and quality of the writings we put on the

Whether you’re maintaining a personal blog, starting up a design
, or managing and updating your company’s official blog, the fundamental
tips and strategies discussed in this article will ensure that all of your posts
will be professional, high-quality, and awesome to read.

A Thorough and highly-readable overview of what separates compelling blog posts from the mediocre.


Developing Your Idea and Post Title

Creating a Powerful Introduction

Using Research and Secondary Sources

Providing Interesting Personal Insights

Structuring Your Blog Posts for Readability

Using Images

Using Quotes

Citing Related Resources

Quality Control

Further Reading