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Video: ‪Collaborate on sales opportunities with SAP StreamWork and SAP CRM [YouTube]

Here’s SAP‘s take on collaborative selling using activity streams and the SAP CRM application. One can extrapolate a user of multiple suite tools using the StreamWork application to stay current on events occuring across his personal portfolio of accountability.

At the same time, real communication is occuring, outcomes are being reported upward, and realtime analytics are available around the effectiveness of the tool and users.

Where there is technical inefficiency or human latency in the system, just-in-time learning modules can be dropped into the stream, targeting the impacted audiences.

Caroline von der Marwitz: SharePoint 2010 reaches out to SAP users with Duet Enterprise.

Microsoft has partnered with SAP to release Duet Enterprise, which lets IT and business users use SAP processes and data in SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise and Microsoft Office 2010. Interoperability is the key here, as we’re increasingly seeing with SharePoint and other systems.

Brief discussion and pointers to Microsoft links. Good to see what major ERP players are doing with SharePoint