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‘A Skin Too Few: Nick Drake’ on Sundance


More notes, furiously thumbed while watching, but I’d like to hang on to these:

  • Brief appearance by Paul Weller at the opening.
  • The songs of mother Molly Drake, as played by siseter Gabrielle on homemeade cassette, are quite haunting.
  • Long sepia shots of the streets of Cambridge, where he studied the poets.
  • Much discussion of the purity and preciseness of his guitar playing.
  •  Didn’t perform live after a brief club tour in which audiences wouldn’t shut up.
  • Moved back home with his parents, took some antidepressants, determined the world was harsh and futile. He felt a failure.
  • Last four tracks on last album he could not sing and play guitar at once.
  • Overdosed on tryptizol in his parents home one night. Did not wake the next morning.
  • Now AT&T and others are ripping him (and others) quite despicably. I don’t know, maybe the estate is making out nicely. But I’m swept in the irony of a company whose mission it is to connect people using the music of one who felt so alone. At least the VW ad had a creative iconoclastic feel.
  • Once told his mother that if only he knew his music had helped someone it would have all been worth it.

How to Create iPod On The Go Playlists | About.com

On The Go Playlists let users create custom playlists on their iPods, rather than needing to create them in iTunes and then sync that playlist to their iPod. This is a neat feature if you’re away from your computer and want to DJ a party or just make a mix that suits your mood or locale.

Yeah so today’s a learning day. What of it?

I Just Ranked Steely Dan’s Albums and the Results Shocked Me

Okay, so this is interesting. Some would say heretical. But after years of back-breaking research and deliberative repetition, a song-by-song consideration revealed to me today an utterly scientific reckoning of Steely Dan’s output to date. Here they are in order of importance. [Also included is AllMusic’s star ranking in parentheses as a point of reference.]

  1. Aja (4.5)
  2. Countdown to Ecstasy (5)
  3. The Royal Scam (3.5)
  4. Can’t Buy a Thrill (4.5)
  5. Everything Must Go (3)
  6. Gaucho (4)
  7. Katy Lied (5)
  8. Pretzel Logic (5)
  9. Two Against Nature (4)

Weird, right?