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How To Plug SharePoint’s Social Holes

Pure play social software competitors may slight SharePoint for not providing a complete enterprise social media environment, but the product is ubiquitous in corporate computing and SharePoint 2010 added fundamental social media features like richer user profiles and news feeds.

In a panel discussion on SharePoint as a social platform, the consensus was that SharePoint contains many of the ingredients of a social application, but by itself doesn’t get you all the way there–not without extensive customization or the addition of a third-party product such as NewsGator Social Sites.

via informationweek.com Coverage from Enterprise 2.0, a UBM TechWeb event. Discussion peppered with references to NewsGator and other “plugs.” Voices again the concern that Microsoft still lives in a world of documents, and not people.

If your company still lives in a world of documents too, well there’s your battle.