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Child “Ear”-ing in the Keitai Age

While some parents have a tough time navigating their cell phone for writing e-mails to their children, the children who grew up with cell phone will become parents themselves before long. Then, the cell phone will be used within families more commonly and frequently. More than anything else, cell phones might be used for parenting.

[Update: 20130723. Originally published in November, 2003, link is no longer valid. Post kept for… prophetic value.]

Fare and Ballast Reporting?

Edward Wasserman, of The Miami Herald, adds a chapter to the Big Blur saga. What’s news? What’s entertainment? Who’s being paid and how? I wonder increasingly: who’ll nod to the business realities driving this trend to murkiness? During Friends or TWW (apologies to the other networks, but not really) I’m no longer enticed by tales of sex and corruption (in 5-second “tween-commercial” format) to stick around for the evening news. Even the tested consumer scare… er… advocate ploy’s all but disappeared. Now it’s “Watch the news. Win cash!” And why not? I imagine WFLA’s Daytime features at least some hard news; Wasserman’s article shared screen space with no fewer than 5 banner ads. Apples and oranges? Maybe…