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This Writer’s 2012 New Years Blogging Resolutions

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I’ve begun to feel a convergence lately—of tools and motivation, of desire and actual potentials toward reality, of wherewithal and professional and personal need, of hubris and humility. I ain’t all that good at this social media thing—and I need to be. And so I’ve determined to more directly invoke my editorial calendar and focus on the task at hand: writing productivity. Continue reading

Ever lose an open application window in Windows 7?

Windows 7 has a cool new feature that should help.  Click the icon in the taskbar to ensure that the program has focus. Then hold down the Windows key and press the right-arrow a few times. That should move the window across your screens and eventually bring it back onto the screen that is still active.

Dave Bishop
Senior Technical Writer
Windows Server Networking User Assistance

Thanks, Dave. I’d lost the Yammer client for weeks. Kept getting notifications, but had to open a browser to follow.

OfficeTab Offers Tabbed Browsing of Your Office Apps

The Chinese were most dissatisfied with the way Microsoft Office handles access to multiple open files. Enter OfficeTab. You’ll need to hunt around on the page to find the download link. But once you do, download and install are a snap—and the app functions as advertised.

I’m currently using Excel for project management—one spreadsheet per project —plus a single spreadsheet to keep watch over the project portfolio and capture metrics. Linking from the dashboard workbook to an individual project workbook (a la Firefox!) is a pure joy.

谢谢你!(And thanks to BNET for the heads-up.)


YouSendIt Provides Web-based Transfer for Large Files

If you have a file to send to a friend or co-worker, and it’s larger than your e-mail account can handle, try YouSendIt. Billing itself as a “File Sharing Transfer Delivery – PC FTP Replacement,” YouSendIt prompts you to enter your recipient’s email address, browse to the file location on your hard drive, then push a button. Both you and your recipient receive an email with a hyperlink where the file can be downloaded. Service is free. Good privacy. Extra features available at multiple registration levels. Nice tool.