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Bye, Webmonkey. And thanks…

I have to take minor objection to Paul Boutin’s assertion that people didn’t like Wired’s “breathless cyber optimism.” I, for one, chose a career in technology thanks in part to positivist platitudes. Between Wired and Fast Company, I read enough of the tech-happy prose to join the tech-happy pros and back-burner thoughts of post-graduate study. Wired had a hand in getting me here, Webmonkey helped me through, and I just don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

Treepad PIM

Treepad is a fantastic text editor with numerous additional features useful to writers and hackers and anyone else who needs to organize ascii. I use the freeware version (Treepad Lite). It’s a quick download, with a small footprint—you can run it off a floppy disk!—and it takes minutes to learn. The interface is organized around a split pane: the left side contains a hierarchy tree, the right side displays the contents of any selected node (a txt file, more or less). Navigate using the mouse or keyboard commands; add, delete, or move nodes; create hyperlinks between nodes; use the autopaste command to move the text equivalent of any content from any application directly into Treepad in one step; search a node or the entire tree; and export trees or txt files or (get this) even HTML!! I use Treepad for journaling and archiving, password storage, and for notes on current and future projects. If I had a complaint, it would be the lack of online Help (there is a manual), but what do you expect? A great value; check it out. Even consider moving up to a for-pay edition. They’ll thank you for it.


Get it and retrieve headlines and summaries from over 5,700 news sources in 25 languages.

All About Me

Profusion Delivers

A few of my regular web stops don’t publish newsletters, push feeds, or acknowledge my existence whatsoever, so I have Profusion send me an e-mail when these pages are updated. I get an html page in my inbox with any changes highlighted for me. I have an Alert Me! button on my toolbar between Blog Me! and… er… Define Me!. How much would you pay for all this convenience? How’s nada?


Outing a Mailwasher

In commenting on a New York Times article on the subject, Steve Outing (at Poynter) speaks promisingly of a “new” spam-fighting trend of filtering in good content and trashing the rest (as opposed to the traditional scan-for-bad appoach). You know, I’ve been doing this with Mailwasher for nearly a year now. Set up a filter to delete everything. Scan the list (while it’s still on the server!) and drag the good stuff to your friends list. Then download. The process takes a minute and works flawlessly.

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From the folks at Powerreporting.com comes this comprehensive tutorial on search techniques. Without getting over-technical, this tutorial gives just the right amount of detail to help you find what you need from search engines (even Alta Vista!). Did you know, for instance that by typing “link:www.yoursite.com” you can see a list of sites out there that link to yours? Good stuff here.



…makes it easier to encode or decode your wav’s and mp3’s. All you have to do is browse to your file like normal through My Computer or Windows Explorer. Then, just right click the file and choose the appropriate function. Download for free.