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Social Business

John Hagel defines the “Big Shift” in a series of from-to contrasts leading to e2.0 value structures

Given the magnitude, depth and far-reaching impact of the Big Shift, succinctness is a challenge.  At the highest level, we would characterize the Big Shift as moving from a world of push to a world of pull.  In other words, given the growing uncertainty in the world around us, we must master a new set of techniques required to access, attract and accumulate resources to unleash peer based learning in far more flexible ways than conventional push programs permit.

Hagel’s principles:

– From knowledge stocks to knowledge flows

– From knowledge transfer to knowledge creation

– From explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge

– From transactions to relationships.

– From zero sum to positive sum mindsets

– From push programs to pull platforms

– From institutions driven by scalable efficiency to institutions driven by scalable peer learning

– From stable environments to dynamic environments

Many of these are contextualized restatements of the idea of Flattening.