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From the Archives: David Allen, Guru of Weird Time


English: David Allen, creator of the Getting T...

English: David Allen, creator of the Getting Things Done. Polski: David Allen, twórca Getting Things Done. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Allen: Here’s a bright man who wrote a bright book (consider the audio version, and listen in the car!) of bright ideas: not the least of which is the concept of levels. Allen says we could view daily projects and grinds at 10,000 feet. At 20,000 we view roles; at 30,000 the near future and 40,000 the further out. Finally, we wax philosophical at around 50,000 feet and weigh our very existence. So when prioritizing what’s on your plate, ask yourself at what level you want to answer that question—even weigh your 10,000 foot answer against your 50,000 foot underpinnings. Are they reconciled?