Forrester, KMWorld, and the evolving Content & Collaboration (C&C) function #contentstrategy

Putting the right people in place to lead content and collaboration (C&C)
initiatives for enterprises and government agencies is a growing imperative. The
skills mix required to deliver and to scale up enterprisewide workplace
solutions—like enterprise social tools, infrastructure for engaging Web
experiences and content management—is changing. Raw technology skills are of
lesser importance than in the past; instead, today’s content and collaboration
professional needs to be able to influence stakeholders across IT, legal,
communications, marketing and human resources.

In partnership with KMWorld, Forrester Research recently surveyed more than 200
professionals engaged in those initiatives. Their goal—supporting anywhere,
anytime access to information and expertise—remains unchanged. But the people
making those objectives happen are now highly compensated managers leading
cross-functional teams, particularly in sectors like technology and
telecommunications, financial services, government and business/professional

A very nice encapsulation of what my career has evolved into. Mentions diversity of job titles and official roles in our ranks (a sign of immaturity overall, I’m certain), a broad cross-secton of industry application, where companies are investing, how much salary we tend to make and associated project responsibilities, barriers to success, and future direction. Of note: “Among other changes, Forrester believes the role of the C&C professionals will: organize and invest according to the industry they serve; focus less on technology, and more on people, process and change; orchestrate the interests of multiple functions; and take a greater role in mobilizing the enterprise.

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