Robin Good’s definitive overview of real-tme content curation

Content curation is one of the most disruptive forces to have emerged in the last twelve months and one that will continue to expand its reach and influence in the coming years. Content curation, and with it, all of the infinite number of other curation sub-niches (video, news, social, products, data, etc.) will see a true blooming of applications, tools and services that will further enable individuals and organizations to create high-value content collections, digests, and newsradars of all kinds.

Thorough overview of curation principles and positioning for content professionals. Topics include:

Part 1: Why we need it

Part 2: Aggregation is not curation

Part 3: Types and real-world examples

Part 4: Process, key tasks, workflow

Part 5: The curator attributes and skills

Part 6: The tools universe

Part 7: Business applications and trends

Content curation and value: The business of context

Content curation: Why is the content curator the key emerging online editorial role of the future?

Online news content and distribution strategies: Content curation and user syndication are next

Online content curation: The key to building visibility, authority and value

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